My name is Mr Tromans and welcome to our website.  I am proud to be associated with the school and  consider it an honour to lead a committed and hardworking staff who are focused on getting the very  best for each and every young person.

If you are a parent, student or a visitor to the area  and have questions about who we are and what we  stand for I hope you’ll find the answers to many of  them on our website. General information, latest  news and details of open events and parents’ evenings will be continually updated here. The website outlines our curriculum but also contains important information about the school, our policies and our expectations. You will find out about the school day, important information about attendance, behaviour, homework and extra-curricular activities.

We have also provided an introduction to our policies including those covering rewards, bullying and Special Educational Needs. Full details of all school policies can be found on the website, or are available from main reception. That is why we have a zero tolerance policy on poor behaviour which we believe steals learning. Our students learn more effectively because they have relevant and exciting learning opportunities in their lessons. They are delivered by a full complement of specialist teachers with the highest professional standards who are supported by a highly skilled learning support team.

Even though OFSTED have described our standard of pastoral care as outstanding, student motivation and attitudes to learning will be a continuous focus for improvement. There will be a shared acceptance that every member of staff is responsible for student motivation and that nobody’s efforts go unrecognised or unrewarded. I believe in the spirit of our school because it’s based on our collective vision of becoming outstanding in everything we do. We will demonstrate that our wonderful school will be a source of pride, moral purpose and a hub of outstanding community provision for the town of Maryport and the surrounding area.

Mr Tromans, Headteacher

2015 Summer Exam and Assessment Results