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My name is Mr Tromans and welcome to our website. This is a welcoming, friendly, vibrant and happy school, where staff and students are treated with care and respect. I believe the school’s values and ethos are indicative of the Cumbrian spirit and represent the best of Maryport and West Cumbria.

The success of the school is built on positive relationships. I see this on a daily basis: dedicated staff and committed students who have positive and constructive relationships, the result is happy and confident learners who are inspired and achieve well.

The school’s aim is to support the development of healthy, confident, capable and happy young people, who are supportive and tolerant of each other; a school that builds understanding and recognises individuality, whilst embracing collective responsibility.

We aim to make school an enjoyable and productive experience for every child, where every young person looks forward to the possibilities of each day with energy and enthusiasm.

The five principles that guide Netherhall School are:

  • Students First – students’ best interests are at the centre of all our decisions.
  • Aspiration – to be fiercely ambitious for all our students.
  • Quality – to provide high-quality learning opportunities.
  • Opportunity – to enrich student’s learning.
  • Community – to play an active role in the community.

If you are a parent, student or a visitor and have any questions, hopefully you’ll find the answers on our website. It contains general information, latest news, details of events, parents’ evenings, policy documents, and other important information about attendance, behaviour, homework and extra-curricular activities.

If you require any further information, please contact the school’s main reception.

Mr D W Tromans


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Netherhall School Sixth Form - Dream Placements

Congratulations go out to two of our Sixth Form students who have successfully secured Dream Placements.

Holli Coulthard in Year 13 has secured a placement with Story Contracting while Jamie-Lea Wright in Year 12 has been offered a placement with the NHS.

This is a fabulous opportunity for both students and will provide a first class experience in support of their future career ambitions. Holli wishes to pursue a career in industry while Jamie-Lea seeks a future in the healthcare profession.

The students have already attended development days with their respective employers and the Dream Placement itself will take place during spring half term from Monday, 12th to Friday, 16th February.

We are sure the girls will enjoy a seminal experience during the placement and our thanks to Story Contracting and to the NHS for providing this wonderful opportunity to our students.
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Stunning Netherhall School Scarf

It is with great pride that, by popular request, I introduce the Netherhall School scarf. Since the introduction of the new school uniform, students have been universally complimented on their smart attire and appearance.

A number of students asked me to research the possibility of a school scarf, which I have duly done. On first sight of the new Netherhall School scarf, students said:

‘Wow, that’s ace! It’s straight out of Hogwarts, just like a Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter – only even better!’

The colours of claret and gold are the traditional colours of Netherhall School and I have reintroduced the original Netherhall School crest of the Roman Eagle over the water.

The Roman Eagle symbolises Maryport’s ancient and historic association with the Romans, the water the River Ellen and the Solway.

I hope you like the Netherhall School scarf as much as the students do. The scarves are available for purchase from the regular Netherhall School, school uniform shop, West Lakes Embroidery on Curzon Street.

Mr D W Tromans
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House of Commons - Chloe Copeland

Star Netherhall School student, Chloe Copeland was invited to the House of Commons for a special reception by the Holocaust Education Trust.

Each year, Netherhall School is invited by the Holocaust Education Trust to send two A Level history students to visit Auschwitz, as part of the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz Ambassador’ programme.

The trust were so impressed with the quality of Chloe’s report and her work with younger Netherhall School students on the Holocaust, they invited Chloe to an invitation-only reception at the House of Commons. The invitation was exclusively for a small group of students and Members of Parliament to listen to survivors of the Holocaust.

Chloe said, ‘The experience was truly amazing; the stories from Holocaust survivors were extremely harrowing and emphasise the importance of remembering what happened, learning from the past and ensuring this kind of thing can never happen again.’

Chloe is studying history, French and geography and has been offered a place to read history at Newcastle University. Chloe is well on-track to achieve her offer grades, having achieved an A* in her recent A Level history mock exam.

Mr Bailey, Head of Sixth Form and Chloe’s history teacher said, ‘Chloe is a fabulous student, an excellent historian and a credit to Netherhall School; I could not be more proud of her.’

The school would like to thank Chloe’s mum, for escorting Chloe on the overnight trip to London and to her reception at the House of Commons.

Mr D W Tromans
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Star Sea Cadet

Super Year 11 Netherhall School student, Sophie Ritson is a star sea cadet; holding the highest qualification you can attain for seamanship for the 15-18 age group.

Sophie has won an impressive total of six gold medals for seamanship, three for winning the competition and three for being the overall top scorer. Sophie is in the process of achieving the rank of Leading Cadet Board, which would qualify her to give lessons in seamanship to fellow sea cadets aged twelve and under.

Sophie first went to the sea cadets, which is situated on the Prom in Maryport with friends at the age of 10. Sophie loved every opportunity and challenge, attaining her First Aid qualification, taking part in sailing, rowing, seamanship and kayaking competitions. Sophie recently competed in the national sea cadet championships, getting through to the second round in sail handling and through to the national finals in kayak polo in London.

Through Sophie’s talent and endeavour she is hoping to qualify for a place aboard the Royal Navy training ship HMS Jerwood, which Sophie hopes to be able to take up some time after this summer’s GCSE examinations.

In addition to this, Sophie is a star student, she is hoping to attain at least Grade 8s in both English and maths – equivalent to A* grades and attend Netherhall School sixth form to study English and maths at A Level. Sophie’s teachers are universal in their commendation, ‘Sophie is a fabulous student, incredibly hard working, talented and a delight to teach.’

Sophie currently attends the sea cadets on Tuesday and Friday evenings and is instructed by Keith Short, George Kendall, Claire Bostel and others; Sophie could not be more complimentary of their commitment, professionalism and the time and effort they give to young people.

If any other young people are interested in joining the sea cadets they should talk with star sea cadet Sophie Ritson.

Mr D W Tromans
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Netherhall School
Sixth Form Open Evenings

Sixth Form students have also been busy this term supporting the promotion of our Sixth Form to prospective Year 11 students over the last few weeks.

A post-16 careers evening was held at Beacon Hill School, Aspatria on the 17th January before a presentation to our own Year 11 students in the Ellen Theatre on the evening of Monday, 29th January, with a final post-16 careers evening at Energus, Workington on Wednesday, 31st January.

I am indebted to Year 12 students Lauren Gorge, Jodie Hodgson, Yasmin Dixon and Ewan Laverty for their support and the guidance they provided to both parents and students at all three events, I would also like to thank Emily Southwell, Katie Harris, Beth Peel and Eden Towers for their invaluable assistance during the evening at Netherhall School.

The Year 12 students were fantastic ambassadors for our Sixth Form and I am thankful to have the support of such talented young people to help advertise the work of Netherhall School in the community.

Mr M. Bailey - Deputy Headteacher / Head of Sixth Form
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